Thursday, February 20, 2014

A moment in time

A moment in time

I heard the water splashing,

I heard my teeth chattering,

I saw the fire in the darkness,
I saw dad's backside,
I felt like we were going to go down the slide backwards,

I felt my heart beating faster than nanoseconds,

I wondered if the ride would turn around and go back

I wondered if I could just get off this slide.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The kindness boomerang

One day I was playing in the school grounds at lunchtime when my best friend Cassius ran up to me saying my little brother George was crying on the big kids playground. Cassius and I ran to see what George was up to. I tried to calm him down. In the end George was not crying and he was happy.

I sat down at Bay Espresso down Karamu road about to take my first sip out of of my ginger beer when mum’s iphone rang. J.T. had sent me and message saying: [Hi Hugh hope you had a good Christmas and have a happy new year from Jayden]

Dear Diary

Dear diary

Finally the day has come it was the day of the weet bix kids tryathlon. I woke up all ready for a big day at the triathlon this year it was just George and I doing it. I rubbed my eyes, about to get my school uniform, when I remembered  that it was the weet bix tryathlon. I ran down the stairs all excited.  I had a big breakfast, soon it was time to go. We scurried into the car and drove to Frimley Park.

We figured out the transition, soon we were finding our way to the Parkvale School tent. We put our stuff down and went over to the warm up. The warm up kind of got me started.The warm up finished so we started to walk over to the pool (sadly we had to walk through wet grass and oozing mud). We finally arrived at the pool. I lined up for about 10 or so minutes, then they told me to walk over to the stand. I went down the stand after 4 or so minutes waiting.  It was boring up there. Soon I was heading towards the pool. The man was telling us to do things like we in the Nazis. Soon he told us to hop in the pool. ON YOUR MARKS GET SET