Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kauri Art

This is the art that the Kauri Hub have been doing for the last term.

Camp Reflection

The one thing I liked about camp was eeling because at the end we had a chance to eat the eel.

One thing I didn’t really like was when Hamish left our bivi because it was really cool with Hamish in the bivi.

One thing hard for me was the human pyramid in the amazing race because we (Liam , Chris and I)  had to hold Nikita and Aspen.

One thing I reckon I could try better next time was rock climbing at flax rock when I was bouldering because I didn’t even go a meter.

One thing I was proud of is that I managed to sleep in the bivi.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marvin Redpost

Marvin  Redpost

“ May I carry that for you “ Marvin asked.
This is Marvin asking his teacher may I carry that for you,
so I reckon this shows that Marvin is a very responsible and helpful person.  

He will own a shop that says Marvins Pet Looking After. I will probably go to it.

This is the diary for Marvin Redpost

Camp Recount

Last week on Thursday 3rd of April I went on an overnight survival camp in 1 my teacher’s backyard.

It was about 5 pm in the afternoon Byron, heaps of other kids and some more adults went down to the creek with the Enaki to try and catch some eel’s overnight.”The way the eels get in is that the bait goes at the front so the go through the first part of the net then they get trapped a bit then they go into the second part the they a really trapped then when they get to the bait they can’t get out” Byron said. At 9 pm or so we went down to the        creek with our torches off and had to make our way through the trees to get to the creek. The job was complete and we got a chance to see the eels in the Hinaki. There were about 12 to 15 eels in the Hinaki. Byron tried to spare a few but they kept getting away.

In the morning when we were dressed and packed up Brendon and Mr Cottrell took us down to the Hinaki so we could pull it up and eat a few. There was at least 30 or 40 eels in the Hinaki. When we pulled it up we let the eels find there way to the water. The class and I chased after the eels and tried to catch some I caught a medium sized   .We took two up back to the fire and killed the eels. When they were killed we put them on the fire and had some smoked eel. The eel taste like chicken at the start and at the end it tasted like crayfish.

By Hugh

Thank You Letter

Parkvale School.
Howard Street,


Dear Byron,

Thank you for helping me out on camp.  I was really glad when I found out you were coming on camp with Room 10.  Camp for me was so much fun.

My favorite part of camp was eeling with you.  It was so much fun setting the enaki and then going down at night to see and catch some eels even though we didn’t catch any. It was my first time setting the enaki.  I also liked eating the eel.  I really enjoyed eeling because I got to eat the eel.

Once again thank you for coming on camp.  I really wanted to thank you for letting us set the enaki.  

Kind Regards

Hugh Kilsby

Synopsis of More Than A Box

More Than A Box,
by Dave Armstrong.

This book is set Wellington, New Zealands capital.  The city council has decided to clear an area and build a brand new indoor sports centre.  Now they wanted More Than Just A Box.  With concrete, paint, workers and more they managed to build the humongous indoor sports center.

A strength of this book is that I started imagining what the indoor sports centre would really look like in real life.

I think this book is really interesting and cool.  I’ve never been or seen the indoor center but I can’t wait to go watch, play and support these sport teams.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014