Monday, June 30, 2014

Have you ever imagined how clouds are made?

Clouds are made from the ‘ The huge metal magnifier glass’ as scientists say, although it isn't actually an magnifier glass thats just what the scientists say it looks like, well I do agree.  The huge metal magnifier glass lives on top of the roof of a house that is in the middle of nowhere.  Now the person that lives in this house is 10 million years old and is called Bob, yet he still just sits on the top of his roof blowing through the big hole in the magnifier glass and making clouds.

Sometimes he invites his grandson called Jack over to blow through the hole and make some clouds. Jack once brock it, but since Bob is magic it came back to life.

When he wants to make clouds he only has to make his way to his bedroom sit on his bed and press a red button.  When he presses his red button it sends him up to around the average of where a plane flies, he stands there and gets his wooden case out. Then he pulls out the huge metal magnifier glass out and about 1 hour later he gets over to the wooden block and puts the huge metal magnifier glass on, the only reason he took 1 hour is because he is 10 million years old.  Once he finishes that he blows as hard as he can to make a cloud.

So one day if you look up really high you may be able to see the Bob standing and blowing through the huge metal magnifier glass that is probably him.  That is how to make a cloud.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Refection about this year

Three things I have really enjoyed this year are fishing, the planetarium visit and going into a digi class. The planetarium visit because I had never been to the planetarium before and I really wanted to go, I learnt heaps about space.  Fishing was really fun because I don’t normally go fishing so it was a really cool experiment for me at fishing.

I really enjoyed going into a digi class because I had the chance to work on a computer all the time and so then it would be much easier for me to get all my work finished  

One thing I have improved on this year is writing because I never used to know how to write a paragraph because I always thought I had to pick the end of an sentence and put in couple enters.  But now I know how to write a paragraph, paragraphs are always about one different topic.  I have been trying to get as much writing finished as I can.

One thing I need to work on is my reading because I haven’t been practising enough, but I will practise way more than I am.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Explanation About Isaiah's Last Secret

Isaiah’s Last Secret
The image behind my picture was that I was trying to get the audience to like my book that is full of scary secrets.  It is set in the dark scary woods. Who would be attracted to the book

This book is basically about Isaiah trying to find every bit information about a little cottage he see’s from the tree hut in the bush.  This is shown in my book because I have drawn a cottage in the woods on a dark scary night with a tree hut on a stable tree.  

I chose ‘Isaiah’s Last Secret’ because there is only one more secret in the book.  I reckon I could of put my title in a better spot because my title was not so bold and was in the middle of nowhere.  I could of made my words a bit bolder and bigger and probably in white because I have done a black background.

Finally I am going to answer my question is people that like secrets and spooky stories. The suitable age for this book would 8ys and over.  I have attracted the audience with my illustration by putting an old shack with danger tape around it, cobwebs cover the coners and dust is all over it.

photo (2).JPG