Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reading Synthesis


WALT build our knowledge
Strategies and skills practised:  activating prior knowledge, synthesising
Materials: Our brains, our own thoughts and our journals
Student Groupings:  Reading groups
1. Before you read the text, write down what you already know about the topic
2. During and after the reading, write the new information you have discovered
3. After this, combine your prior knowledge  and the new information you have learnt
4. Share your finding with your group

Synthesis Title-

Prior Knowledge - what I already know
New Information - what I read in the text
Synthesis - my new understanding is
  • Light is in north,
  • You can only see in Winter
  • caused by part of atmosphere and solar flare

  • The magnetic field and the magnetic shield pull the solar wind in with some light that creates the northern lights or the southern lights.  
  • Another name for the northern and Southern lights is the Aurora.

  • The best time to see an Aurora is at 1 a.m. (During daylight saving or midnight.) (For the rest of the year.)
  • The best spot to see it is in the South Island
  • the southern lights are called aurora Australis

  • At 1am in the Northern hemisphere  on daylight saving or midnight you could see the Northern Lights

  • If you go down to the South Island in the Winter you may be able to see the Aurora

My holidays template

What an amazing holiday! The Kilsby clan went skiing on Roundhill in Tekapo.  Jono and I took lessons and George and Claudia took lessons.  It was so much fun I learnt heaps of skills .

Have you ever learnt how to go on the platter and jump over a ramp on skies? Well, thats what I learnt to do with my coach. I hooked the platter around my waist and bolted up the platter with Jono close behind me and came down extremely fast swerving through snow cones and of course going over the ramp.  Next time I’ll go up the t-bar.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” this is so awesome, I’m flying down the big hill which has the t-bar running up it.  We have just got off the t-bar but we are going down extremely fast swerving around corners and following the coach.  We stopped with a pisa and ended our lesson.

What an awesome time and at the end we got a hot chocolate and some fries.  I felt like doing a lot more after all that although I was pretty tired.  What I enjoyed most was definitely going half way up the t-bar.  Next time, I want to go all the way up the t-bar and go over the bumps or maybe even the nutcracker if there is enough snow.  

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Matariki Day/ Poi

download (12).jpgThe Poi was used many, many years ago by the Maori people of New Zealand to gain their flexibility and strength in their hands and arms.  The word ‘Poi’ is the Maori name for a ‘ball’ on a cord.  The Poi is used by the female in performances, the string to hold the ball on top is normally flaxed.  The Poi was originally used by the Maori women for keeping their hands flexible for weaving.  What did the men use the poi for?  Now I am going to explain how to make a poi.

Firstly, Whaea Emma had to tie a knot in two pieces of cotton.  Then we had to choose two colors and start weaving our way through them.  When we were weaving we had to cross our cotton strings and make our way till there was about 6 or 7 centimeters to go.  When we had done that Whaea Emma tied another knot.

Secondly, we had to get the fluff and roll it up into a ball.  Then we had to put some cut in half plastic bags and put them on the rolled up fluff. Next we had to put a piece of string around the ball and tie it.  After that we had to cut the extra bits off.

Finally, the answer to my initial question is... They used them for arrangement and training before battle. That is how you make a poi and facts about the poi.  The poi is a Maori weapon and dance use it is also used by both Men and Women.

Lucky Numbers Part 1

Main Character
Other Character
The gingerbread man
the three little pigs
castle with a moat
been chased by other character

Once upon a time I (the Gingerbread man) was happily riding a mini boat  around the moat of the castle I lived in, UNTIL !!! I heard the Three Little Pigs.  “ Oh well it’s only three cute piggies” I said to myself. Soon I saw smoke coming out of the trees and heard words that I wasn’t allowed to say as Mother Ginger said. Not long after I heard the pigs, Mother Ginger came out “Gingie!” she started “you know you're not allowed to use those words!” “but” “no buts or what's go to your room!!!” “ Sometimes, Mother can be very angry.”

I went up to my room angry and furious with mother. I sat at the top of the castle wondering what to do. I looked out the window and saw a long tail swoop past a tree. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was just imagining but no the two questions I was asking myself was who was this moving figure and how would I get to see this moving figure. A few minutes later while Mother was baking some cake, I snuck past her and got outside.  The last time I saw the moving figure was when I looked through the lounge and saw a nose poke behind the tree.

Once I got outside I called out in a scared voice no one answered, but soon The Three Little Pigs came running out of the bush and starting chasing me.  I ran hard out trying to get away. “Now I know why Mother  tells me to stay away from you weird ohs!!” After a few minutes of running I heard an explosion of a bomb the pigs started laughing. I thought to myself for a moment.  Of course, the moving figure would have got out of his house before the bomb blew up.  The pigs were catching up, I started to run faster.  Soon there was a dead end, well not really a dead end, a lake.  Shall I turn around and run back home, or shall I risk going in the lake.  I had to make my mind in a few seconds.

To Be Continued

Solar System

The solar system is made up of 9 planets, one star, one hundred moons, millions of  Asteroids and billions of comets.  The solar system is very dark and has no gravity.  The solar system is made up of two bits.  The two systems are separated by a Asteroid belt.  How long does it take Pluto to orbit once around the sun?

Firstly,  the planets.  The milky way has 9 planets including Pluto.  The planets are Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury.  The first part of the solar system are the closest to the sun these are called Terrestrial with the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.  The other half are sometimes called the gas giants with the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  Jupiter is the biggest planet.  It has a width of 142,750 kilometres.

Secondly, there are about 7 main moons in the milky way.  The names of the moons are The moon, IO, Phobos, Deimos, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.  Four of the moons are from Jupiter, two from mars and one Earth.  The largest of all is Ganymede.  Deimos’s two biggest creators are about 1 or 2 kilometres.  The moon was made about 4.5 billion years ago.  The Moon was made because a large object hit Earth, rocks came out and formed a round object to start orbiting around the Earth and thats how the Moon was made.

Thirdly , the sun.  The Sun gives life to the Earth because if the Sun was nothing then the Earth would be frozen and wouldn’t have life.  The Earth would be frozen and there would not be enough photosynthesis and oxygen for humans, animals or anything to live on so that is why we need the Sun.  The sun is actually a star of millions and millions in the milky way. The Sun measures 4.730,005 kilometres around the circuit

Finally, the conclusion. The answer to my initial question (How long does it take Pluto to orbit once around the sun) is 248 years to orbit once around the sun.  The solar system is a enormous space outside of Earth.

By Hugh