Friday, August 01, 2014

Character Writing

Have you ever met this short, Manawatu man before? My great Uncle Mark is interesting and is always in shows.  Normally, he is out there running after Claudia.  He is never that tired and he always has a smile on his face.  My great uncle is funny in lots of different ways and is always wanting to say hi.  He is always sure the Manawatu Turbos are going to smash the Hawkes Bay Magpies.

Uncle Mark never reacts to anything but bad behaviour.  His reactions aren’t physical or hurtful.  He is always determined to do many things.  Uncle Mark always wants us to succeed apart from the Magpies winning.   Putting his hand up to many things such as Shows, reading and helping other kids learn better. Uncle Mark is a great uncle .

Frantically, looking around for a sprinting child to read to “which one shall I read to, which one shall I read to ” he gets frustrated and feels like storming out of school grounds.  Finally, he sits next a kid and starts reading. Funny  sarcasm comes to life when uncle Mark comes round.
Cogsworth the clock came alive when Uncle Mark played as him in the Beauty and the Beast.  Not necessarily a popstar, Uncle Mark sings, acts and dances away throughout his shows.  His auditions usually lead to victory.  While rehearsing a show he is also auditioning for a show.