Monday, September 15, 2014

Optimist Yachting key words

Research optimist yachting and find key words and their meanings
Here are some you could find the meaning for, or what these things do
The front of the boat
The back of the boat
The left side of the boat
The right side of the boat
The tacking is part of the sail
The bottom of the boat, its where you sit.                                                                                                   
The sail comes off the mast. Its job is to go with the wind
It is connected to the hull by the rudder clip and it is also connected to the tiller.  It helps steer the boat
Centre board
If you push the centre board down you will balence the boat, But if you pull it up in deep water the yacht can tip or capsize
To help steer the boat
Is the rope that you tie a figure 8 on and it hepls with the sail
It is connected to the mast and it holds the sail up
Spirit pole
is the pole that keeps the sail up
The mast is the pole that holds the sail and the sprit pole
Buoyancy tanks
Are filled with air and help keep the boat the up right

Ice cream truck melting


Cruising along the parade handing out free ice cream,  I hear the waves crashing against the peninsula.  The summer breeze brushed past my window as my truck came to a stop.  Every time I put on the ice cream truck song it reminded me from when I was little, holding Mum’s hand as we trotted on down to the ice cream truck.  The kids ran up to me asking and asking for more and more singing the song that rang through my ears.

Not so long after selling and giving ice creams away it got blazing hot.  So hot that about 10 ice creams had fallen to bits.  Some people were thinking it was a drought. This steaming hot day was the biggest one the city had ever seen.  Suddenly it felt like my truck was sinking. I thought I was stupid. I was panicking, my heart was pounding, I couldn’t feel my feet, my lungs were burning. I was sweating as people got their ice creams.  Some kids thought I had just been on a magnificent run. I just lied and said I did, they laughed their heads off. I was feeling terrified, I closed up shop and started heading back.  Thats when it happened

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fictitious Character

With his Orange and Black stripes the little fish darts through the sea.  Joining a sea school you never know what little mischief man is up to next.  You will find him in Sydney at the dentist's fish bowl struggling to get out or getting swirled up by a evil looking pipe. His Dad gets fed up when he swims out to the mammoth sized boat.

Nemo also has some white stripes and big bold eyes that gleam like sparkling gems in the sun.  His undersized body and fins make him look really small.  Shining like a crystal Nemo’s white stand out teeth are shiny.  Nemo has 2 fins.

Taking many risks you never know what he’s up to next, turn into a shark, fly into space or maybe even swim up to a boat.  Being a hilarious and joyious fish, Nemo can be a very very cheeky one.  Nemo swerves his way throughout his amazing ocean adventures.

Trying to be the best he can Nemo makes 1 enormous mistake and nearly dies.  Swimming up to a speed boat nemo gets trapped, he is suddenly in great danger and he struggles to do anything.  Nemo is nice, honest and a caring fish but can not be much of a great listener.

Nemo’s dad tells him not go out to the boat yet he is easily distracted by the bottom of the boat which is very shiney.  Both Nemo and his dad are very overwhelmed with excitement when they see each other.  Nemo promises his dad to always listen and to never disobey him again.