Friday, February 27, 2015

Writing Tasks

Diamante Poem


Sunny Bright

Darkening Deepening Lowering

Down goes the sun, Up comes the moon

Glowing Brightening Shining

Black Dusky


Limerick Poem

Fat Fred was walking in is house

Then he saw a mouse

He started to scream

Saw a rugby team

Got tackled and died in his house

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Red Rage and Ram Man Chronicles Episode 1 and 2

It all started on planet 67 when Dad and I were left at home playing on the xbox eating Mcdonalds and drinking coke all by ourselves. Mum had gone out for 5 or 6 hours and had been gone for at least 2 hours. Finally Dad and I got our butts off the sofa and went to the park for some fresh air. Suddenly lots of gunshots were fired. Dad lifted me up, covered me and ran as fast as he could to the car. He put his foot down as hard as he could and drove the car away. We were driving back when a huge shock hit the car and in no time we were slowing down, the car door opened and men with guns came in and pulled Dad out. I was scared as heck and screaming my head off. The men shut the door and ran around the other side of the car. It was about 2 seconds until I saw dads head go flying off. I just didn't get those people. It was probably going to be the worst scene of my life.      

13 Years Later

I said goodbye to Mum and was about to fly down to earth. I still have that image in my head I said to Mum for our final goodbye. Waiting for me on earth was my old mate Ram Man. Our plan was to do experiments on me so that I could be a superhero. My name was going to be Red Rage but he still called me Thomas. He spent about 2 weeks doing experiments on me finally the experiments were finished but when he woke me up I knocked over some potion. Now thats how I turned into RED RAGE.   

 It was another ordinary day in the Bro Cave on Bro Island. We were lounging around drinking large sodas, watching TV and scoffing down Doritos. Finally I got off the sofa and went down to the gym to make up for all the junk I had been eating. Red Rage joined me a few minutes later where I was lifting weights. Red Rage and I made our way up to 53 tonne one handed, a new record!

After 2 hours of gym I went down to the swimming pool in the Bro Cave to cool down. Suddenly an alarm sounded, in a city called ElectroShock there was an evil villain called black claw. Red Rage and I teleported to the area where the villain was in. Red Rage spotted the villain on a rooftop.  

I ran to Black Claw and bunted with my horns into a brick wall. His claw shout out at me so I jumped to the side. I then ran at Black Claw and punched him. The force of my punch was so strong he flew onto a different roof top. Suddenly his claw shot out again and grabbed me and pulled me to him. Red Rage walked up to Black Claw and said, “hey punk look into my eyes.” Black Claw laughed and looked into his eyes. Then Red Rage burned right through his eyes and Black Claw’s eyeballs fell right out.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH,” Black Claw screamed.

Quickly we grabbed him and teleported back to the bro cave we put Black Claw into volt 100. We Gave him a mop to mop up the blood from his eye sockets. Then we went back to our very much loved tv and chips.

To Be Continued..