Friday, March 27, 2015

Whanau Art

The big orange with red circles is my father, The blue with diamonds is my mother. The first koru is my brother Jono, the second is me, the third is my little brother George and the last blue koru is my sister Claudia. I have a dog called Daisy and she is the tiny little orange one at the bottom.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Pizza Party

Pizza Party

5 kids had a pizza party.       3 8/15

Sue ate ⅔ of a pizza.

Roger ate ⅖ of a pizza.

Frank ate 4/6 of a pizza.

Simon ate 1 whole pizza.    

Katie ate ⅘ of a pizza.

There were only 5 pizzas.

How much was left for dad?        1 7/15

Friday, March 13, 2015

Rhino Report

The rhinoceros is an endangered but still living animal. They are mammals and are comprehensive animals. They live in Africa and Southern Asia but are spread right across the world in zoos.


The rhinoceros is a mammal and is very big.  There are 5 species of rhino; the white rhino, black rhino, greater one-horned rhino, sumatran rhino and javan rhino. The bigger rhinos weigh about 3500 kgs but otherwise they are around 1000 kgs. The other animals are scared of the rhino because they have thick protective skin so when the other animals try to attack it does not really hurt. The rhino's horn is made out of keratin which is actually what our hair is made out of.


The Rhino eats two hundred different types of food. They are herbivores which means they only eat leaves and plants. They mainly eat grass and bark.

Natural Habitat

The rhino has very few predators but their biggest one is humans because bad people hunt them down. 3 - 5 rhino species are critically endangered because of humans. The rhino lives in places like the rainforest and grassy plains. They live in 21 parts of Africa and some parts of southern Asia.


Rhinos like to roll in mud and dust, for them its like a bath. Rhino's like to be 5km away from water even though they don't sweat. To make a burrow the rhino uses their horns. They eat at night and rest at day even though they are not nocturnal. An ox-pecker is a type of bird that lands on the rhino and eats bugs.  A group of rhinos is called a herd or a crash.

Rhino's are a critically endangered animal because humans like to hunt them down. This is a bad thing because rhinos are a really cool animal. Rhino's live in Africa and Southern Asia. People cut their horns off for wishbones.

By Hugh

Friday, March 06, 2015

Street art

This is street art that Ezra and I made as our reading task.
We did this because it was an activity for a book that we read called painting the town. It was about an artist painting Christchurch.