Friday, May 29, 2015

Dream Writing

We were learning to write a narrative which is a made up story.

It all changed, the world around me is different. I start shivering. It's scary. I don't know how I got here, in fact where am I? Sirens start ringing through my ears. Screams echo through the town. I look out my window and see the beaming yellow lights as they flash right through the window straight into my eyes. I look away. When I decide to look back I stare at the river and see gigantic and tiny crocodile-like creatures crawling out from the black poisonous river.

I look at my phone. Jay had text me to say his grandpa had been executed by the zombie crocodiles. Wait, who is Jay? Do I really have a phone and what are these zombie crocodile things? I need to figure out what is happening right this moment. I call Jay without knowing who he is. I stand up and walk down the stairs with the phone to my ear.

"Hello," said the voice.

" Hello" I said back " i'm having a mind blowing moment and I don't really know who you are. So what exactly is your name? Because on my phone (I didn't know I had) it says 'Jay'".

" Ummm, yeah that is my name and yours is Blake right?"

"Yeah." I get to the end of the stairs and suddenly my phone goes dead. All the information is gone and mum does not like me waking her up even if it is urgent unless there is a fire.

I slowly walk into her room.

" Mum" I whisper


"Calm down mum there is no..."

" Okay then leave me alone" Mum rudely interrupts.

"But there is"

"What where is there?!!!"

"Mum mum mum, just listen to me. Look apparently some zombie crocodiles are crawling out of the river by the park.

" Why don't we have a look?" Mum asks

" Oh no we are not going anywhere near that place." I immediately tell her.

"Okay lets go back to bed and forget about it."

Mum went to bed but I needed a glass of water.

I went into the kitchen and gulped my glass of water. I heard a rustle from in the laundry. I made a quick move.I stand behind the door and peer in. Standing by the door stood a tall evil looking boy, he looked familiar, he looked like the school bully, he was the school bully. Really he came to my house. What is his problem.

" I know who you are, your Blake".

"I see that, i'm not dumb mate"

Jay pulls out something shiny from his pocket with a black handle. Is he out of his mind, does he really hate me that much? I stare at him in shock, he had tricked me, he was the bad guy, there was no such thing as zombie crocodiles. The knife he pulled out of his pocket came closer to my neck, he then pulled it back and " Blake, Blake, Blake it's time for school its almost 8:00. Hurry up your breakfast is cooked and ready.


Friday, May 22, 2015


21 May 2015
Adelle Morton

Hugh Kilsby

Dear Adelle,

Thank you for taking up your time and coming to camp with us. You were a great parent. I enjoyed the baking that you helped us with in the Amazing Race. The fudge was the best.

You were a great judge in Masterchef for dinner. The feedback that you gave us was awesome and I am sure that we will take that to the next food challenge we come across.

Thank you for taking all the photos on the cave walk. If you didn't we wouldn't remember what we did while caving. Thank you for sending the photos to Mrs Love so we can see the awesome pictures you took.

Once again thank you for coming to camp, you were a great role model. Rimu Love really appreciated you as a parent at Camp Kaitawa.

Yours sincerely

Friday, May 01, 2015

I wish my teacher knew....

This week we did a task called I wish my teacher knew.. We had to think deeply about this task because we had to write something that our homeroom teacher did not know. 

Thinking task

Read the sentence below. Think deeply about your answer.

Make sure your answer is something that your teacher does not already know!

Add it to the tracking sheet when you are finished.

I wish my teacher knew that....I don't get that much time to do homework because of all the activities we do.