Friday, March 28, 2014

My Buddy

These are my buddy's Jacob and Hunta. So far this year we have done a parents interview letter and a questionnaire.   

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum is a famous New Zealand cricketer. He is most famous for getting the the most runs ever in New Zealand for a test (302 runs).

Brendon Barrie McCullum is Brendon Mccullum’s full name. He was born on September the 27th 1981 Dunedin, Otago. Which means he is 32. Brendon has a wife called Ellissa McCullum and two children called Riley and Maya McCullum. Brendon is 1.71 meters tall. His nickname is Bazz and he went to Kings High School in Dunedin.

The two main playing role’s in cricket for Brendon McCullum are wicket-keeping and batting. He has taken 183 catches in all of the tests he has played and 246 catches in his ODI* games. He has played 84 tests and 229 ODI’s. He has got a total of 10’391 runs. Brendon does not really bowl that’s why he has only bowled 72 balls for 36 runs.

Brendon McCulum is a New Zealand cricket he is a keeper and a batsman.
He is most famous for getting the most runs in New Zealand for a test (302 runs)

By Hugh

*ODI- One Day International

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Explorer

Roald Amundsen was a famous explorer. He was famous for being the first person to go to the South Pole

Roald Amundsen was born on 16th of July 1872 in Borge Sweden I disappeared at the age of 55 on Bear Island in the Barents Sea. He set off from home for the South Pole on the 8th of September 1911. His crew and himself reached our destination on December the 14th 1911.

Roald Amundsen planned to go to the North Pole until he released that another explorer named Robert Peary had already made his marks to be the the first person to visit the North Pole. He soon decided to keep a secret that he would turn around and head to the South Pole without reaching the North Pole. Soon he realised that he was racing an English explorer named Robert Scott. Luckily he was the winner of the race and got there first.

He died during a rescue attempt saving people from a crashed airship and I crashed my plane. He has sunken to the bottom of the Barents Sea and has never has to be seen again.   

He is an explorer and a sailer. He is most famous for being the first person to visit the South Pole.

By Hugh