Sunday, November 08, 2015

Bank Train Heist

Over the past few weeks we have been learning how to write a news article. We were split into two groups, a purple and green. The purple group which I was in got to chose a made up or real news article. I am blogging this because I am really proud of it and I worked so hard on it. It was also new to me because I can't remember writing one in the past.
Below is the our success criteria that we helped design
Success Criteria
Catchy headline
Past tense
No personal pronouns
Intro, body and conclusion (paragraphs)
Direct speech
Different sentence starters/lengths
Good word choice

Bank Train Heist 

On the 20th of August 12:08 am 1926 a train in Briningham holding $7.2 million dollars was robbed by fifteen armed robbers. The robbers ran into the train during the night with masks on and handguns in there long jackets. 

"Two names have been revealed" said Sergeant Angel on live radio.  “Mark Times and Richard
Barker". Investigators say that all the robbers had recently been fired from Birmingham train station for mucking around and not turning up. Scott Charles the boss of the station said that the company had been getting sick of the men mucking around and not turning up. The two men caught have not given any information about any other robbers.

The train station and the bank are very upset with this devastating loss. The police and investigators are still trying to find these men. Tasha Leonard said to police this morning that someone was apparently running across Leonard’s crop paddock last night at 6:08pm but was too far away from her. Tasha says he was carrying something large which looked like a shotgun. 

Reporter ~ Hugh Kilsby



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